Relax, Connect, Enhance
Your Relationship

        Isla Mujeres, Mexico          Austin, Texas

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This retreat is designed for couples seeking to improve their connection physically, mentally, and emotionally; spend relaxing time together; learn sexual communication skills; heal from hurt by being heard and understood; and be mindful with oneself and one's partner.


•Is connection in your relationship fleeting or strained? 
•Does it seem impossible to open up or connect sexually? 
•Are you both constantly on the go?
•Do you dream of time to relax, talk, listen, share, caress?
•Has your trust been shattered by affairs or other sexual acting out?




Enhancing Intimacy Retreats will help you and your partner connect mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. These retreats are designed to bring couples closer through activities that encourage open communication, vulnerability, improving trust, and mindfulness of yourself and your partner. 

Join Claudia Thompson, experienced couples sex therapist,, for a weekend of relaxation and connection. 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico November, 2017

Future retreats are being planned for heterosexual couples in monogamous relationships, same sex couples, and mixed orientation couples. If you’d like to be informed about future retreats, please click the link below.